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I am a qualified and admitted attorney of the Western Cape Division of the High Court of South Africa, and a Partner at Ashersons Attorneys, a boutique legal practice operating in Cape Town.

My passion is helping clients, be it in putting commercial agreements together, or litigating on behalf of a client to assert his/her rights.

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Welcome to my blog

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Property Owners, Buyers and Agents: Check for the Title Deeds Before 25 February!
1 February 2019
The last thing you want in any property transfer is any more delay and cost than is already built into the process.  Unhappily, that is exactly what is in store if the property’s original ti
Private Schools and Parents Behaving Badly – the Expulsion Option
1 February 2019
Here’s a recent Supreme Court of Appeal decision of A B and Another v Pridwin Preparatory School and Others (1134/2017) [2018] ZASCA 150 which is of importance and interest to all schools, p
Proving Your Claim in a Liquidation or Sequestration – When You Should, and When You Shouldn’t
1 February 2019
Having to write off bad debt is one thing – having to pay in even more money for the privilege is just adding insult to injury. Yet that is exactly the danger you face if one of your debtors