View of the back of Table Mountain

Wonderful panoramic view of the back of Table Mountain - not often seen! More »

Beautiful view of the sea from Hout Bay

Beautiful view of the sea from Hout Bay More »

View from Casa Labia near St James beach in Cape Town

Beautiful view of the sea from Casa Labia near St James beach in Cape Town More »

View of the Waterkloof Wine Estate valley in Somerset West

Wonderful panoramic view from the Waterkloof Wine Estate in the hills above Somerset West! They have just opened up an amazing new restaurant at the winery, with wonderful views!!! More »

Beautiful panoramic of Clifton Beach from the sea

Beautiful panoramic of Clifton Beach from the sea More »


Have you lodged your PAIA manual? Final deadline looms!

PAIA (the Promotion of Access to Information Act) requires you to prepare, lodge and publish (including on any website you have) an information manual in the prescribed format.

Buying And Selling Property: The Bond Clause Blues, And How To Beat Them

“Men keep agreements when it is to the advantage of neither to break them” (Solon, Athenian lawgiver c. 638 BC – 559 BC) Here’s the story of yet another High Court battle

Write your will today! Four good reasons to do it now

“We used to terrorize our babysitters when I was little, except for my grandfather because he used to read to us from his will” (comic Janine Ditullio) Whether you are young or

Garnishee Orders – Are 2 million of them now invalid?

“The ability of people to earn an income and support themselves and their families is central to the right to human dignity” (Extract from judgment below) “Garnishee” orders (more properly “Emoluments Attachment

Boundary Wars: What To Do With An Encroaching Neighbour

“Good fences make good neighbours” (wise old proverb) You find out that the fence/wall/house your neighbour is building, or has built, is actually on your land – what can you do about

Another step in the right direction in the protection of vulnerable consumers against unscrupulous lenders

There has for some time been a problematic and worrying trend of unscrupulous lenders preying on the uneducated and financially unsophisticated consumers. In such situations consumers are lured into borrowing money or

Business Rescue – Is it too late after liquidation? The Supreme Court of Appeal speaks

An important new SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) decision recently addressed the following scenario – A close corporation runs a business renting out its commercial properties. The properties are bonded to a

Employers: Important breaks for small businesses you need to know about

“…..we believe that the SME sector is critical in stimulating economic development, and that it is also a pivotal area in terms of innovation, skills development, entrepreneurship, labour-absorption and job-creation” (from a

Selling your house? Choose your own conveyancer

For most people, your house is your most important asset.  So when you sell it (or any other property for that matter), it is absolutely critical to entrust the process to a

Family Responsibility Leave – Your FAQs

When can an employee take fully-paid leave to deal with family matters and not have it deducted from his/her annual leave entitlement?  This is often a source of confusion for both employers