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I am a qualified and admitted attorney of the Western Cape Division of the High Court of South Africa, and a Partner at Ashersons Attorneys, a boutique legal practice operating in Cape Town.

My passion is helping clients, be it in putting commercial agreements together, or litigating on behalf of a client to assert his/her rights.

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Welcome to my blog

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Traffic Fines and Admissions of Guilt – Will They Earn You a Criminal Record?
4 March 2019
We live our lives beset by so many laws and regulations that even the most law-abiding of citizens will sooner or later be accused of some petty offence or other and then faced with the ques...
Trustees at War: The Removal Remedy and Its Limits
4 March 2019
What happens when a trust’s trustees fall out and go to war with each other? If a polite request to the minority trustee to resign bears no fruit, can the majority forcibly remove him or her
When Should You Sue Rogue Employees? A R33m Example
4 March 2019
Employers, ever mindful of the comprehensive legal rights and protections provided to employees by our labour laws, need to know that on the other side of the coin they too have rights, and ...