Monthly Archives: September 2009

TomTom iPhone App launched for SA (unofficially)

Well, according to a recent post on the MyBroadBand forum the TomTom turn-by-turn GPS iPhone application has been “unofficially” launched for the South African market! It is however apparently NOT available through

iTunes 9 & iPhone Firmware v3.1 Released!

The Latest Apple iTunes v9 Today at Apple’s “Let’s rock and roll” event in San Francisco, they officially announced the updated iTunes, releasing version 9 today. iTunes 9 comes with Genius Mixes,

Monopoly City Streets launches! Or does it?

Well, we start off this morning with some quotes from the Monopoly City Streets official blog: “Starting today, you’ll be able to play MONOPOLY as it’s never been played before: The whole

Trapster – Speed Trap Sharing

What is Trapster? Simply put, Trapster is an application for getting speed trap alerts on your Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Android, Garmin, or TomTom device. How does Trapster work? When you see a

Apple iPhone or HTC Hero Sense UI?

My new iPhone theme – looks just like the HTC Hero Sense UI – except that it’s an Apple iPhone! We know that HTC Magic owners out there are pretty psyched at