iTunes 9 & iPhone Firmware v3.1 Released!

The Latest Apple iTunes v9 Today at Apple's "Let's rock and roll" event in San Francisco, they officially announced the updated iTunes, releasing version 9 today. iTunes 9 comes with Genius Mixes, with more than 54 billion songs to choose from, helping consumers find new music that relates to current library. Apple also announced Genius DJ built into iTunes 9 that seeks out songs and creates a playlist for endless possibilities, great for parties. iTunes 9 also improves syncing with devices, for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can sync by artists, playlists, genres, and more possibilities. Apple also announced that iTunes now offers Home Sharing, allowing users to copy songs, movies, TV shows and more, for up to five computers around your house. iTunes 9 comes with a built…
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Monopoly City Streets launches! Or does it?

Well, we start off this morning with some quotes from the Monopoly City Streets official blog: "Starting today, you'll be able to play MONOPOLY as it's never been played before: The whole world will be up for sale. Anyone, anywhere will be able to own real streets and build their own online city." "For everyone eager to buy their first choice street, we're about 30 mins out from going live from 12:15pm GMT Wednesday 9/9/09" Brilliant news! The game's alive and working ... or is it? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="575"] Monopoly City Streets[/caption] "The registration is slow due to the overwhelming response. Our servers are on fire! Thanks for everyone’s interest and patience - please keep trying." [ad name="goldschmidt inline post"] O no, major traffic jam ahead! Back to work…
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