Daily Archives: 5 January 2015

Property sales: Don’t be an unregistered credit provider!

Be careful when buying and selling property that you aren’t held to have lent more than R500,000 to the other party.  As a recent High Court case illustrates, that will leave you

Tax penalties – What must SARS prove?

SARS has the power to impose severe penalties on any taxpayer failing to declare or pay taxes in accordance with law. For example, in a case recently before the Tax Court, a

The Wages Of Fraud: 15 Years In Prison

“White collar criminals who commit offences of a certain magnitude must not be permitted a soft landing” (extract from judgment below) The recent “J Arthur Brown” judgment by the Supreme Court of

Beware Prescription: The Tale Of The “Watertight Case” That Died A Sad And Sudden Death

“Sad is the day when a party with a watertight case comes to court and he is stopped in his tracks by a sudden death due to a fatal blow from a