Monthly Archives: February 2015

Droning on ….. New regulations “in the wings”

Lawfully or not, we South Africans are, it seems, increasingly buying and using drones for a whole host of purposes – amidst conflicting reports as to quite how serious the legal and

Employers, Employees: You And The New Fixed Term Contract Rules

The new Labour Relations Amendment Act gives significant new protections to employees on a new or renewed fixed term contract. What follows is of necessity only a brief summary of some complex

Home Owners Associations: Are you still at risk on insolvency?

Here’s a scenario that is unfortunately a real risk these days – You are a member of a Home Owners Association (HOA), Your HOA is struggling to recover arrear levies from another

“When the email is deadlier than the mail”: Watch what you e-agree to!

“The email of the species is deadlier than the mail.” (Stephen Fry) Last month we discussed the need for a “non-variation” clause in every agreement you sign, and the dangers of not