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Business Rescue – Is it too late after liquidation? The Supreme Court of Appeal speaks

An important new SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) decision recently addressed the following scenario – A close corporation runs a business renting out its commercial properties. The properties are bonded to a

Employers: Important breaks for small businesses you need to know about

“…..we believe that the SME sector is critical in stimulating economic development, and that it is also a pivotal area in terms of innovation, skills development, entrepreneurship, labour-absorption and job-creation” (from a

Selling your house? Choose your own conveyancer

For most people, your house is your most important asset.  So when you sell it (or any other property for that matter), it is absolutely critical to entrust the process to a

Family Responsibility Leave – Your FAQs

When can an employee take fully-paid leave to deal with family matters and not have it deducted from his/her annual leave entitlement?  This is often a source of confusion for both employers

Renting in a complex? Read the rules!

“….. parties are free to contract as they please. The law permits perfect freedom of contract. Parties are left to make their own agreements, and whatever the agreements are, the law will

Selling a business with Goodwill: Beware this Implied Prohibition

When you sell a business including its “goodwill”, you will likely be prevented from opening up in competition with your old business by a “restraint of trade clause” in the sale agreement.

Landlords: can you switch off your defaulting tenant’s lights?

Your tenant isn’t paying rent and refuses to move out – can you turn the electricity off? First – commercial or residential? The judgment discussed in this article relates to a commercial