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Have you lodged your PAIA manual? Final deadline looms!

Have you lodged your PAIA manual?  Final deadline looms!

PAIAManualPAIA (the Promotion of Access to Information Act) requires you to prepare, lodge and publish (including on any website you have) an information manual in the prescribed format.

Who must lodge a PAIA manual?

Every business operation, no matter how small (the definition includes any person or partnership carrying on “any trade, business or profession”, together with any “juristic person”) must comply.

If you are one of the many smaller businesses (see below to check) who benefitted from a last-minute extension of your deadline from 31 August 2005 to 31 December 2011, and then another to 31 December 2015, this is for you –

  • Although there could be another last-minute extension (or even perhaps an outright exemption for some businesses), don’t count on it.
  • If your business is a small and simply-structured one it really isn’t difficult to get your PAIA manual together, so do it now and avoid the stress of trying to comply at the last minute.  It’s important to do it correctly and accurately, so take advice in doubt.

Does this deadline apply to you?

The 31 December 2015 extension applies to most smaller businesses – specifically to any “private body”, including any private company, but not to any non-private company, nor to any private company in any of the business sectors listed below with either –

  • 50 or more employees, or
  • An annual turnover of or above specific thresholds – see the table below for details.


Ashersons Attorneys’ PAIA manual is available here: