Actually running iLiberty+

Step2: Once you have iLiberty+ running, you will notice that there are three options along the top of the application that you can select.

1) Standard – Which is the easiest way to Jailbreak, Activate & Unlock your iPhone

2) Advanced – Which is what you really should be doing if you have any computer skills whatsoever!

3) Other tools – Which is essentially a collection of tools that you can use to force your iPhone to i) get out of recovery mode, ii) enter recovery mode, & iii) Enter DFU mode – which is essentially a much more recovery recovery mode!

What options to select?!?

1) Select the following options from the "Standard" page:

Jailbreak, Activate, YouTube Fix, Unlock & Downgrade bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9FakeBlank

What are these options all about?
Jailbreak Making a change to your iPhone’s actual filing system in order to be able to "write" and "read" files to the iPhone
Activate Tricking the iPhone into believing that it has been "enabled" for use on the network. This is normally done through iTunes, when you purchase a contract online with an authorised network provider. (AT&T, O2, etc) 
YouTube Fix Tricks your iPhone into believing that you are allowed to use YouTube on it … normally part of the Activating process, but now has to be done separately. 
Unlock Allows you to use your iPhone with any SIM card in it and not ONLY an AT&T, O2, etc SIM card! 
Downgrade Bootloader This basically downgrades your bootloader from version 4.6, which your iPhone comes with, to version 3.9. This is a step backwards, but is needed in order to unlock your iPhone! (Ensure that you select BootNeuter later on)  

2) Click on the "Advanced" page and you should see 4 items already selected on the "Selected payloads" tab at the bottom of the application.

There are other payloads (options) that are available on the repo (website), and I suggest that you select some of them, download them, and select them out of the "Local" tab as well!!!

All of these extra options?!?
BBInfo This is an application that gives you information about your iPhone.
BootNeuter Once you have J/U/A your iPhone, your baseband will be at the downgraded version of 3.9 … BootNeuter will enable you to ‘upgrade’ your baseband back to the original version 4.6! 
BSD Subsystem Essentially a basic collection of unix tools for your iPhone! 
Installer This is the application that you need to be installed on your iPhone if you want to be able to download other applications over the internet for your phone. e.g. games, wallpapers, random tools, etc, etc (There are 100000’s) 
OpenSSH You can install this SSH server on your iPhone, then a SSH client on your PC/Mac, and then you can login to your iPhone’s operating system wirelessly to make any change that you would like to nearly any file saved on your iPhone! Awesome! 
Relocate Fonts, etc Relocates your applications directory, your ringtones directory, and your fonts directory to make more space for applications!!!! 

What happens after I have selected my options?

Go back to the "Standard" page, and then click on the "Go for it!" button!

Hope like hell, and pray that it all works out okay!

You should notice that there is a whole lot of text that is displayed on your iPhone at this point, and that it might seem like it has frozen or paused or something…. but JUST LEAVE IT BE! It will finish! Just be patient!

Things to Notice!

  • Before you can start the Jailbreaking of your iPhone, iLiberty+ may ask you to unplug your phone, and then plug it in again before the whole process can begin… just do it and click on "Go for it!"
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