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South Africa’s FIRST 2008 Maserati GTS arrives!

Say hello to the very first, ultra cool, super quick, Maserati GTS 2008 that has arrived in South Africa, and is currently being driven around the streets of The Mother City!!!

Ferrari owners, Porsche kiddies, Lambo Lovers eat your hearts out, because this beautiful car will turn heads quicker than any other car on the plant! (Okay, not as quick as the Bugatti, but still very quick!)

The 2008 Maserati GTS
The 2008 Maserati GTS

Maserati have added the same bellowing 4.7-litre V8 to be found in the 8C Competizione to their GT, to give the GranTurismo S (GTS). It also benefits from some subtle visual surgery, boasting new wheels, and a leather and Alcantara interior with sport buckets.

Update: Click here to have a look at the pictures –>

Maserati South Africa – Official Maserati Importer