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Quick Scooter survey for Rob

Quick Scooter survey for Rob

Rob Gilmour clearly has a LOAD of “scooter envy” at the moment as is clearly evident by his recent twitter comments regarding this specific mode of transportation around the Cape Town CBD …

Serious scooter envy.

@geekrebel kinda leaning towards brand names over Chinese ones. Yamaha one looks good. Any other ideas? Anyone looking to sell a scooter?

I am getting a scooter. We are being ripped off to park in CT!

So, I thought that I would help him out with this, envy, by adding to it. I decided to do a little undercover “scooter assessment” by checking out all of the scooters currently parked in my complex, and found the following:

Some slightly old … and purple!

Pimped out with real Ostrich leather seat!

Another “oldie” parked off in the corner

Something a little more “modern” for the kids

old or new? At least it’s blue! Looks nice!

And finally … something a little more off road

Hope that you enjoyed the pics Rob!

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Can’t wait to see which you decide to buy!