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Cape Town’s Pink River of paint

Cape Town’s Pink River of paint

Cape Town based Architect and Artist, Doung Anwar Jahangeer, has spent the better part of two weeks on his hands and knees painting a bright pink line down some of the major roads in the Cape Town CBD.

His latest piece of artwork follows the underground river that runs from the top of Table Mountain, down Orange Street, through the Company Gardens, past Parliament, down Adderley Street all the way through to the Cape Town Harbour where the rain water is discharged into the harbour.

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Doung wants to take artwork outside of “elitist galleries” and bring it out into the open, where the ordinary person on the street can view and appreciate it. He wants to use his artwork in order to educate people about the finer things in life in an attempt to force people to question art, and to come up with their own ideas of what they consider art to be.

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