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iTunes 9 & iPhone Firmware v3.1 Released!

The Latest Apple iTunes v9

Today at Apple’s “Let’s rock and roll” event in San Francisco, they officially announced the updated iTunes, releasing version 9 today.

iTunes 9 comes with Genius Mixes, with more than 54 billion songs to choose from, helping consumers find new music that relates to current library. Apple also announced Genius DJ built into iTunes 9 that seeks out songs and creates a playlist for endless possibilities, great for parties.

iTunes 9 also improves syncing with devices, for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can sync by artists, playlists, genres, and more possibilities. Apple also announced that iTunes now offers Home Sharing, allowing users to copy songs, movies, TV shows and more, for up to five computers around your house.

iTunes 9 comes with a built in application sorting feature for the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing users to customize the layout of their device directly from their computer, without having to painstakingly move dozens of applications and games around. The built in feature should make users organize their devices a little easier.

Download here: Apple iTunes v9 Windows XP & Vista x86 (88MB)

Apple releases 3.1 iPhone & iPod touch firmware

Apple has announced the release of iPhone and iPod Touch firmware 3.1, available for download later today. The free download, for both iPhone and iPod Touch 3.0 users, is said to improve battery life.

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The 3.1 firmware will improve video editing on the iPhone 3GS, that won’t overwrite the original clip when editing videos, preventing the loss of the original film. The new developer API’s allows third-party applications access to the videos and edit them, without having to use Apple’s editing tools for the iPhone 3GS. The update is said to increase the boot time of devices. The device will now vibrate when moving icons around to different locations.

Apple also included a “Fraud Protection” toggle switch for browsing, now available under the settings for Safari. The firmware update allows Voice Control over Bluetooth now. Users can also organize their icons through iTunes without having to move them around on their device.

Download v3.1 for iPhone 2G – iPhone1,1_3.1_7C144_Restore.ipsw (241MB)

Download v3.1 for iPhone 3G – iPhone1,2_3.1_7C144_Restore.ipsw (242MB)

Download v3.1 for iPhone 3GS – iPhone2,1_3.1_7C144_Restore.ipsw (306MB)

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