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Nokia 6120 Classic

Nokia 6120 Classic Mobile PhoneNokia 6120 Classic : What a phone! This is the ‘Classic’ Nokia phone! Except it comes with all of the modern features that you would expect a phone of this calliber to have: 3G HSDPA, 2MP Camera on the back, another camera on the front (used for video calling), email functionality for when you are away from the office, up to 2 GB of expandable memory, quad band (yay!), a wonderfully bright and colourful 2 inch screen (320 x 240 pixels) but has up to 16 true million colors, bluetooth v2.0 and much, much more!

Battery Life? But then I hear you ask, "What is the battery life like on your phone?" Well, to be honest, I don’t actually know since I have not picked up my prize yet, but according to the Nokia website, the standby time on the phone is "up to 9 days"! I reckon that this is rubbish, and you probably won’t see more than 2 days worth of standby time before you need to recharge it again! This would be because of the extra power the phone needs to communicate with the 3G network! Stupid 3G extra power network. But, this is a problem with ALL modern phones with all of the features that users now demand from phones!

I honestly can’t wait for my new phone! But I will then have a really tough decision to make: HTC MTeoR ???? or Nokia 6120 Classic ???? Which would you choose ????

Link: Nokia 6120 Classic Home Page

Link: HTC MTeoR Home Page

Important Update: Does your SIM card work in your new Nokia N95 or Nokia 6120 Classic phone? I have been informed by Nokia that the new 128k MTN SIM cards do NOT work in the new Nokia N-series mobile phones! I don’t know whose fault it is, or what will be done to resolve the fault, but I hope that something happens soon. If you have purchased a NEW SIM card within the past 6 months, and are on the MTN network, then you probably have the new 128k SIM card. (Compared with the older 64k, 32k, or even 16k SIM cards) My last SIM card – that I had for about 8 years – was the 32k version, and it worked perfectly! Everything was 100%!

How to fix it? E-A-S-Y! Just go to your service provider and ask then to downgrade your SIM card! Explain to them that your new SIM card is too advanced, and you want an older model. They still have hundreds of them lying around! It takes them about 24 hours to get the new card registered on their network, and then you can use it! Brilliant stuff! I am going to collect mine in 30 minutes! Wait for the update!