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Excellent Service from Gadget Mania

Gadget Mania I was recently looking online at a whole lot of American websites to purchase two items which I assumed could not be purchased locally for various reasons. The first was an Full screen protector for the iPhone, and the second was also for an iPhone, but was a Silicone case for the iPhone (Black). The prices were quite reasonable, but the shipping and the wait was a killer! So, I decided that local would have to be better!!!

The BEST online South African store I found was Gadget Mania. I have to say that they seem to have a medium range of Apple products (as well as other Audio products) on offer and they are incredibly fast, friendly and efficient! I wasted no time in placing my order. Payment was taken care of through a secure website by my Credit Card, and I received the confirmation email- as well as a follow up email to explain that one of the items was on backorder for a week- within minutes.

iPhoneFull screen protector for iPhone

Best of all, by the time I got home, they had ALREADY delivered the items to my house! Brilliant service, even if I do only live a few kilometers from their actual offices! (Normally they post the items to you, which is great, but they should offer a pickup point in the major metropolitan areas!)

Thanks Guys!