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New HTC Touch Pro: The iPhone Killer?!?

HTC today unveiled its next generation business phone, the HTC Touch Pro.

The HTC Touch Pro was rumoured to be announced in last months unveiling of the HTC Touch Diamond but HTC have waited until today to unleash their latest and greatest offering.

The new HTC Touch Pro - The next iPhone Killer?!?

The Touch Pro features Windows Mobile 6.1, HSDPA (7.2mbps), 2.8″ VGA screen, 3.2 MP camera, 512MB flash and 288MB RAM, Wi-Fi, GPS, bluetooth and a slide out 5 row QWERTY keyboard. All of the specs are backed up with a 1350 mAh battery so battery life shouldn’t be too bad on this device. The Touch Pro also has similar styling and the updated touchflo interface introduced with the Diamond.

HTC Touch Pro vs Apple’s iPhone
HTC Touch Pro Apple’s iPhone
OS Windows Mobile 6.1 Based on Apple’s OSX
Data Speeds
7.2 mbps (HSDPA) 0.2368 mbps (EDGE)
Camera 3.2 MP 2.1 MP
Screen 2.8″ VGA screen 3.5″ VGA screen
Addons WiFi, Bluetooth
WiFi, Bluetooth
Memory 512MB 8GB / 16GB
GPS? YES Not yet … wait for 2nd gen?!?

HTC is working hard to make their devices one hand, one touch capable allowing users to take advantage of their 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D. The TouchFLO interface allows users to surf through popular functions of the device such as messaging, calendar appointments and making calls. Thankfully for Windows Mobile we have great OEMs like HTC creating a better user experience than that of Microsoft, many devoted Windows Mobile MVPs, users and customers have been pushing Microsoft to fix simple issues with the Windows Mobile OS since 2000. Microsoft plans to re-invent the OS with Windows Mobile 7 and address many of the complaints.

The HTC Touch Pro will be available to customers across all major European, Asian and the Middle East markets in late summer. The North American and Latin American versions of Touch Pro will be available later in 2008.

Source: HTC Touch Pro Product Page