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A quick SMS poll taken the other day…

So, I was sitting here in my room last Sunday, trying my hardest to keep my mind concentrating on the current topic at hand: Hart, Austin, Raz, Kelsen, Dworkin, et al … But I found my mind wondering off, down every ‘side road’ there was, onto other completely random topics of little or no worth. I just could not help it. My mind had a mind of its own.

At one stage I caught myself wondering about what some of my friends were currently thinking about. So I decided that I would take a quick SMS poll, and find out.

Q: Quickly, What is the FIRST thing that comes into your head when you hear the words: "Constructive Interpretation" or "Jurisprudence" ???

Jannie De Villiers: Dworkin — Straight, Simple & to the point

Philipa Pletts: Kant — I think that she is getting confused about the difference between Dworkin and Kant, or I spelt her answer incorrectly… 😉

Philipa Pletts: Do some work dork! I hate it all so much right now. Anyway, I know how to spell

David van Der Linde (Toks): HATE!!!!!!

Mike Slater: Uh, all nighter? B

randon Schiff: Was that quick enough for you…

Edward Pickup: Hot legal secretary ………. desk ……….. — I can’t print the rest. (Non Lawyer!)

Daniel McConnell: PAIN!!!! LOTS OF PAIN!!!!

Rowland Pickup: No Fu#$ing Idea — (Non Lawyer!)

Tamryn: A load of TRASH! 🙂 im so tired of this! have fun — Yeah RIGHT… Have ‘fun’ 🙁

Mark Ross-Inness: An idea generated from a witness that had not been heard before or the unwillingness of a jury to accept an alternative. — (Non Lawyer!)

Myself: Aaarrrgghhh…..