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My Facebook Profile

What is is a website that allows you to sign-up for their service and then to create your own profile online. You can add in items like: Basic Info, Contact Info, Personal Info, Education Info, Work Info. You can add in to your friends list a list of all of your friends who are also members of Facebook! You can create albums online and then upload photos into your albums so that people who are listed as your friend can view them!!!

What is great about the photo albums is that you can “tag” people in the pictures. This means that you can do a search for all of the photos in the world that YOU are in. So, if Bob takes a picture, uploads it to his profile, and then tags you in the pic, Facebook will then also add it into your collection of pictures.

There is also the very neat facility of having a wall where people can write short messages to you! Then, when you log onto your profile again you can read all of the posts.

Reasons to join facebook:

You can keep track of what your friends are up to in the world. You can manage your pictures online for all your friends to see. You can quickly and simply send friends notes online. You can join groups with other people who have similar interests to you! You can have fun finding people that you thought that you had lost contact with.

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