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Heat Competition – You’ve been spotted!

Gisele Bundchen Lauren Kohn in New York City!!!

Hey all you SMSers !!!!

Lauren and I have a favour to ask all you guys out there! Before we tell you what it is, you need to PROMISE that you will help us by entering the competition 2 or 3 times, or MORE !!!!

But WHY should you help us?

Simple: Because just by voting by SMS, you stand the chance of ALSO winning a pair of these Armani sunglasses!!! Awesome hey!!!


What do you have to do?

Easy, all you need to do is SMS the following text

SPOTFEB 5 to 33753 !!!


So please vote, vote, vote for my lovely girlfriend!!! We will really appreciate all of your support if we win!!!!

Andrew & La


SMS :SPOTFEB 5 to33753