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Heroes – Need I say more?

Landslide – Episode 22 (14 May 2007)

Angela Petrelli is forced to play a bigger role in Nathan, Peter, and Claire’s life. The truth about the death of Nathan and Peter’s father is finally revealed along with his true identity. When Nathan finds out that he may have a chance to become more than a Congressman, he is confronted with a decision that he must make. As election day nears some try to leave NYC. HRG and Matt learn another surprising secret. Also, Sylar is eating another hero’s brain. Hiro’s dad returns.

How to Stop an Exploding Man – Episode 23 (Season Finale)

In the two-hour season finale, we’ll meet a Paris Hilton-like blonde woman in her late 20s, an Asian woman of the same age group, and a male model. Also, Audrey Hanson is set to return this episode. This episode also involves the apocalyptic arc. The bomb goes off. Someone who was dead reappears.