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Ski Holiday in Austria with Sun and Ski

Well, After a GREAT 11 day holiday in Saalbach, Austria skiing with my family and Sun and Ski Holidays, I have returned to sunny Cape Town, where the mercury is at least 40 degrees warmer than it was whilst in Saalbach!!! (Saalbach was sitting at close to minus 15C – damn cold) and I am ready to P-a-r-t-y with the local croud once again!!!

There is tonnes of news, but I am not going to bore all of you with all of it right here… But I will tell you some of the stories, and if you want, show you some of the pics!!! I have loaded a couple of the pics right here, but the rest will be kept for the New Year Braai that I am going to have in February some time!!! (As soon as I have a date in mind, I will send out the invites…)

  Myself: Attempting to snowboard… (Actually just getting ready to go down one of the black diamond slopes that were there !!!)

  A picture of the bottom of the main ski slope that was taken from my bedroom window.
  A picture of Saalbach taken from the Gondola while going up to the top of the mountain. You can see the town in the valley down below.
  Another picture of the town of Saalbach from the top of the mountain.
  A pic of myself and Egon out somewhere… He was in my snowboarding class and we had lots of fun on the slopes, nearly killing each other occassionaly…
  All of the SA guys that work at Sun and Ski Holidays… They are there for a 4 month skiing season… Quite a long time in that harsh climate I might say… (Rowan, Marty, Warren and Jarod)
  Getting ready to tackle one of the main slopes on my HOG… Tonnes of fun racing down the slopes… Better than skiing and snowboarding together !!!!
  Having to put on your ski boots each morning was a pain in the ass… But you get used to it after a few days !!!!
  A picture of all of the jet streams that are left behind by the many airplanes that are in the sky at any one time !!!
  At the back, a picture of our Pension where we stayed… and on the right is a pic of one of the many bars that are ALL located at the bottom of the ski slopes. That is where the $$$ is !!!!
  Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh…. This is high !!!!!
  A final picture of the town from the other side of the valley…